Nutrition with Niki!

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My name is Niki McAdams and I am the Health and Nutrition coach for West Plano CrossFit. I’ve always been interested in nutrition, specifically how, what we eat and when we eat effects the body. When I started CrossFit, it sparked my interest regarding nutrition and how it can effect our workouts. I have tested these effects on performance, recovery, energy, sleep, as well as, weight loss or weight gain. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and seeing our Athletes, or those who are just interested in the nutrition portion of our memberships, achieve their specified goals!
Good nutrition can

  • decrease body fat
  • improve performance
  • improve sleep
  • improve recovery

Countless other benefits can be achieved. It also can be easier than people think to eat a healthier, more balanced diet. Our nutrition program will offer insight on how to eat healthier, cook healthier, what to eat to recover faster, recipes for cooking delicious and healthy meals and so much more!
Your monthly nutrition membership includes access to a private page of information, a place to ask questions and gain knowledge on how to fuel your body to feel, look and perform your best, not just in the box, but outside it as well!